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The container shipping rates are changing quickly, strongly affected to the global supply chain in general and in Vietnam in particular. Taking this challenge, Eimskip Vietnam is pleased to announce the table freight calculator for shipments ONLY ex Vietnam to USA, Canada, Europe, Asia... in which customers could check freight online easily. This platform is built for the demands of shippers and consignees who want to know the shipping freight instantly for business planning and forecast,

Procedures of tracking shipping freight ex Vietnam online

Shipping Rate Calculator
Shipping Rate Calculator

The process for checking freight is as follows:

Step 1: Access to

Step 2: Click button CHECK TARIFF RATES ( for non-member). If you are member in Eimskip Vietnam online platform, please input your ID and Password to log-in

Step 3: Input the Port of Loading and Port of Discharge

Step 4: Click button SEARCH

Step 5: You will find rate required rates.

For more info, please see this articles for guides in details for online freight tracking

Container Freight Tracking
Container Freight Tracking

Important notes -individual quotation

In case your port of discharge/port of loading is not shown in the result, please send email to us at: for quotation via email.

Important notes: Tariff rates is the rate for public and common tariff, if you need special and contract rates, please send email to us for individually customized proposal with more supports on space, equipment, customer services information.

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